Screen Heights Brings Digital Ads to Storefronts

Way of the future: Manou Braun, a young French entrepreneur, has been installing ultra-bright 55-inch screens in storefronts around Crown Heights for frum local advertising.
By COLlive reporter

If you’ve ever spent a Shabbos in Crown Heights and davened at 770 or a local Shul, you’ve probably had this experience. Sitting down at a table, you find flyers from every organization and store in the Crown Heights neighborhood spread across the table. By the time davening is over, worst case scenario is that the papers are crumpled up or laying face down on the floor. Best case scenario, the ads have simply gone unnoticed.

The same goes for the large paper advertisements stuck onto poles and trees throughout the Shchuna. Before every major Shabbaton or raffle, organizations spend an enormous amount of time and money to print large, full-color advertisements and hang them all over town. Often, especially after a good rain, the signs fall, littering the sidewalk and clogging the drains.

All this wasted time, effort, and money got Manou Braun, a young French entrepreneur in Crown Heights, and his business partner, thinking. With today’s technology, there had to be a modern way to advertise more effectively and reach more people. He teamed up with an old friend with experience in digital signage and advertising to launch ScreenHeights. The company brings a much-needed, innovative advertising solution to the Jewish community in Crown Heights, unlike anything the neighborhood has seen before.

When retail businesses partner with ScreenHeights, they receive a free screen to place in their store, along with installation and a smart solution for controlling the screen and its content – all at no cost. Advertisers who partner with ScreenHeights will have their ads displayed across these numerous screens set up in establishments throughout the neighborhood, and can choose how often to display their ads depending on how much they wish to spend.

The bright, sharp-looking screens come in a variety of different sizes, with options for indoor and outdoor use. They bring a sense of sophistication and innovation to the neighborhood and the businesses that host them. It’s a win-win for local retailers looking to modernize the appearance of their stores while on a tight budget.

Unlike the static, printed advertisements that traditionally grace the neighborhood, the digital displays by ScreenHeights are dynamic and frequently rotate the ads – which can be seen more than 1,000 times per day. It’s smart targeting for businesses wishing to advertise in Crown Heights, as it reaches people in retail locations where they spend a lot of their time. Residents of the neighborhood like to see what’s new and what’s going on in the community. With ScreenHeights displays present in most retail establishments in the Shchuna, the company puts advertisers’ products in front of their customers wherever they go throughout the week, month and year.

“Our ultra-bright 55-inch window screen is the standard option that most stores choose. They come with anti-glare and are designed to be visible even during the daytime when it is light outside,” explains Braun. “They’re commercial grade and energy friendly, too.” ScreenHeights also offers displays for indoor use, which are ultra-bright, professional-grade and capable of staying on 24/7 without losing picture quality. The screens add tremendous value and a modern touch to stores, without requiring them to spend a dime.

The software behind the system is managed entirely by the ScreenHeights team remotely, ensuring that store owners experience minimal hassle during the process. Any fixes that need to be made are handled efficiently and quickly by the customer service team.

Since its founding just under a year ago, the company already has screens in over 30 locations with advertisers from all over the Lubavitch and Jewish community. With the firm belief that innovation in the community is important, the focus of ScreenHeights is mainly in Crown Heights, but the fast-growing company hopes to expand to other Jewish neighborhoods throughout New York City and beyond.

“When a company or organization advertises with us,” explains Manou, “their products are seen by thousands of people every day. This degree of reach and visibility is unparalleled in today’s market. Give us a call and let’s see how we can help you grow.”

If you’re a store owner interested in adding screens to your space, or an advertiser looking to promote your next campaign, visit to learn more and reach out to them today.

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